kathy keramiek








Kathy was born in Roeselare on 1 January 1966.
Being the daughter of a passionate needlewoman, she took up tailoring studies, where she also became acquainted with drawing and fashion design. But the drawing of graceful yet sketch-like streaks did not satisfy her. Neither did the sewing of clothes.
So she started to make fimo clay dolls and figurines in Darwi clay and dough. Her aspirations still not fulfilled, she continued her search.
In 1994 she meets Brichard. He encourages her to switch to clay. The next four years are a period of steady evolution, the occasional deadlock included. She meets Paul Vanwalleghem, a ceramist from Roeselare, with whom she takes private classes.
Through experiments as well as valuable tips from colleagues, Kathy soon starts to develop her own style.

The search for new elements never ceases to fascinate her. Failure often teaches her more than success, and both the support and common sense of Brichard regularly help her turn a failed experiment into a new triumph.
The audacity of creating extravagant and special forms is eagerly encouraged by the surrealist that lives inside of him. Still, he always tries not to influence her. That is why you will find two separate studios in their home.

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