Who or what is Studio Brikat?

Studio Brikat was founded in 1993, and is managed by Brichard and Kathy Vandamme.
In 1999 Studio Brikat found a new location in Staden, right in the heart of West-Flanders. Vast premises were converted into a site with studios and a permanent exhibition space.
Studio Brikat in fact consists of different studios:
– a ceramics studio
– a drawing and painting studio
– a separate workshop for stone, wood, metal, assembly activities…

The studios all offer the comfort and equipment that can be expected: direct sunlight, large to very large gas ovens, different tools and materials.


The studios host evening and weekend courses in ceramics, painting in oils, drawing with pastels, soapstone sculpturing, candle-making, plaster casting, cartoon drawing,…


groups of children are also a regular guest at the two artists


the jewelry workshop


   The exhibition space is not only intended for our own work, but is also open to other artists.


The garden is the extension to this space, serving as an extra exhibition area during the summer months.

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